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Image of "化孵化 (Kafuka)"
Song title
  • Romaji: Kafuka
  • English: Metamorphosing Incubation[1]
Published May 26, 2021 with 115,000+ Niconico views and 890,000+ YouTube views
  • mami (chorus)
sasakure.UK (music, lyrics)
  • kawasemi (illust)


"Kafuka" is a song by sasakure.UK featuring KAFU. It is KAFU's 17th original song.


Japanese Romaji English
皹をつけたのは誰? hibi o tsuketa no wa dare? Who was it that opened this rift?
傷をつけたのは誰? kizu o tsuketa no wa dare? Who was it that opened this wound?
綺麗好きの神様は言う kirei suki no kamisama wa iu The god of all that is clean[2] speaks,
「汚れた貴方は、いけない子だ。」 "yogoreta anata wa, ikenai ko da." ”You’re filthy. There’s no hope for you.”

殻の中で夢みてた方が kara no naka de yumemiteta hou ga I can’t say that I was happier
幸せだったとは言うまいが shiawase datta to wa iumai ga dreaming inside of that shell,
ザクロの雨を掻き分けては zakuro no ame o kakiwakete wa but pushing my way through this pomegranate rain[3]
また傷が増えてしまう、よ? mata kizu ga fuete shimau, yo? will only give me more wounds, you know?

闇を抜けても無闇 yami o nukete mo muyami Even if I do break free from the darkness, it’s still reckless.
もがきもがく自称無罪 mogaki mogaku jishou muzai I struggle and writhe in my self-proclaimed innocence.
汚れた心は隠そうね yogoreta kokoro wa kakusou ne I’ve gotta hide my filthy heart.
本当の愛が五月蝿いから hontou no ai ga urusai kara Since true love is far too troublesome.

母が教えたすべてのもの haha ga oshieta subete no mono Who was it, who was it that opened a rift
僕が愛したすべてのもの boku ga aishita subete no mono in everything my mother taught me,
皹を付けたのは誰 誰? hibi o tsuketa no wa dare dare? in everything I’ve ever loved?
どうして どうしてくれよ doushite doushite kure yo Why’d you do it? Come on, tell me why!

愛されたかった 不快 夜 腐海 嫌! aisaretakatta fukai ya fuka iya! I wanted to be loved. So unpleasant, I hate it![4]
XX(アレ)されたかった 孵化 否 負荷 リアル! aresaretakatta fuka ina fuka riaru! I wanted to be XXed. So unpleasant, this reality!
いとおしさに塗れて itooshisa ni mamirete Smothered with loveliness,
息すら上手く吸えないで iki sura umaku suenaide I couldn’t even take in a good breath.
お利口に ただお利口に orikou ni tada orikou ni I’ve gotta be good, I’ve just gotta be good,
生まれ落ちた僕は umareochita boku wa since I was born into this world.

(少し酔い 彗星と) (sukoshi yoi suisei to) (I’m a little drunk, like a comet)
(少し宵 水棲徒) (sukoshi yoi suisei to) (Early in the evening, an adherent to ocean life)

ごみを捨てたのは誰! gomi o suteta no wa dare! Who threw out that trash!
カネを拾うのは誰! kane o hirou no wa dare! Who picked up that dirty money!
汚いどこかの誰か様 kitanai dokoka no dareka sama Someone filthy, from who-knows-where, replies,
「綺麗な貴方も、いけない子だ。」 "kirei na anata mo, ikenai ko da." ”You’re clean. There’s no hope for you, either.”

暴れないように口をつけて abarenai you ni kuchi o tsukete I put it to my lips so I don’t go berserk.
痛まないように麻酔をして itamanai you ni masui o shite I apply some anesthesia so it doesn’t hurt.
飽きた餌どうにかして。 akita esa dounika shite. God, please get rid of this fodder. I’ve grown sick of it.
神様、どうにかするよ kamisama, dounika suru yo Get rid of it!

生かされながら 不快 夜 腐海 嫌! ikasarenagara fukai ya fuka iya! I’ve been brought back to life—so unpleasant, I hate it!
XX(アレ)てしまいそうな 孵化 否 負荷 リアル! arete shimaisou na fuka ina fuka riaru! This reality is so unpleasant, as if I could XX!
理不尽に絆されて! rifujin ni hodasarete! It’s not rational for me to feel like this!
夢すら上手く喰えないで yume sura umaku kuenaide Even in dreams, I couldn’t take it in well.
(日々)をくれたのは誰 hibi o kureta no wa dare Who was it that gave me this rift (these days)?
誰でもいいんだよそんなの dare demo iin da yo sonna no I’d be fine with anyone.

愛さえなかった? 不快 夜 腐海 嫌 ai sae nakatta? fukai ya fuka iya There wasn’t any love at all? So unpleasant, I hate it!
醜い、僕らは。 minikui, bokura wa. We’re so ugly.
孵化 否 負荷 リアル fuka ina fuka riaru So unpleasant, this reality!
XX(アレ)なこの世界は 不快 夜 腐海 嫌 are na kono sekai wa fukai ya fuka iya This XX world is so unpleasant, I hate it!
壊れてもまだ 孵化 否 kowarete mo mada fuka ina Even if I destroyed it, it’d still be unpleasant.

あ あ a a A a
あ あ a a a a

愛されたかった 不快 夜 腐海 嫌! aisaretakatta fukai ya fuka iya! I wanted to be loved. So unpleasant, I hate it!
隠せはしない() 孵化 否 負荷 リアル! kakuse wa shinai ya fuka ina fuka riaru! I can’t hide it. So unpleasant, this reality!
綺麗ごとに塗れた kireigoto ni mamireta I’ve been glossed over entirely with pretty words.
『さよなら神様 もういらない』 “sayonara kamisama mou iranai” “Goodbye, God. I don’t need you anymore.”
のたれ死ぬより幾分か no tare shinu yori ikubun ka After all, this world is just a little too good
お利口なこの世界ですから。 orikou na kono sekai desu kara. to die like that.[5]

English translation by Violet

Translation Notes[]

  1. The title of this song is a multi-layered reference. The “Kafu” in “Kafuka” refers both to the CeVIO KAFU (可不) and her voice provider, the virtual singer KAF (花譜). Furthermore, it’s almost certainly also a reference to both the author Franz Kafka and one of his most notable works The Metamorphosis. The Japanese title isn’t actually a word; I’ve interpreted it as the kanji 化 used a prefix (though it’s usually a suffix) meaning “to change” or “changing” attached to the word 孵化 “incubation,” hence “Metamorphosing Incubation.”
  2. 綺麗好き is specifically someone who loves cleanliness or likes to keep things tidy.
  3. ザクロの雨 is literally “pomegranate rain;” this is probably a euphemism for something more violent, like a hail of bullets or gunfire.
  4. This section uses different kanji to spell the same sounds: 不快 夜 腐海 嫌! is “Unpleasant, night, putrid sea, no!” while 孵化 否 負荷 リアル! is “incubation, no, load, real!”
  5. 野垂れ死に is an expression meaning “to die a dog’s death” with a similar negative connotation to “to die in a ditch.” It refers to dying in a manner that is ignoble or unjust.

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