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Song title
  • "Amalgamation"
Published May 26, 2019, with 1,200+ YouTube views and 300+ SoundCloud views
  • anakin (music, lyrics, illust, video)
  • Mitzi Mysteria (Rin render)


"Amalgamation" is a song featuring Kagamine Rin, Eleanor Forte, and IA by anakin. It is the sequel to Clairvoyant.


It’s too late accept our fate
You no longer have a say
Today is your last chance to pray
Know that you won’t stay
Soon we both will

Surely i’ve waited long enough
Yet to break through you will be tough
Awakened in a room dark red
I cannot get out of bed

What I see isn’t me
This is much too surreal
We transform, soon reborn
As they mourn, new life formed
(Slowly I see a single light. Soon there will be a new life formed)

I awake in an unknown room
Memories have been consumed
Was there someone I used to be?
Left unknown to be unseen

(Think again)
I can’t seem to concentrate
This cannot control my fate
I cannot seem to recall those past events
The thought has to be hidden in my head

Twisting and pulling
Her body controlling
Unwilling, fulfilling
My state is dwindling
Now that it’s revealed
No longer concealed
Will this ever heal?
This being that I have become now

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