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  • "Arrival"
Published April 14, 2020, with 100+ YouTube views and 50+ SoundCloud views


I have arrived...
"Arrival" is a song featuring IA by Stre.


Tuesday, it’s our second date
You’re a great conversationalist
My heart is beating, face is blushing
You say you’ll keep in touch

Each day we spend together
I can’t believe it’s true, can you?
We grow closer, you hold me closer
I want to keep it going

A night-long dance, our hands intertwined
The light dims and now I can’t think
You have that look in your eyes
And it takes me by surprise
I have arrived.

Some nights, you come home late
I ignore it, and I smile
That’s what a good wife should do.

A night long dance, our hands intertwined
The light dims and now, I can’t think...
I have arrived.

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