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What is CeVIO?

CeVIO Creative Studio and its succeeding versions are voice synthesizing applications that have been sold commercially since 2013.

Every voicebank except for IA ENGLISH C is available in the Japanese language, while IA ENGLISH C is the only voicebank available in the English language.View this template

Official CeVIO Libraries!

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On This Day...

October 19 (UTC)

  • Adoption of the CeVIO Lyrics Wiki has been approved; parts of the wiki may be a bit hectic while things are being rearranged.
    • All original song pages from 4C to YONAKI are now up to date.

March 12

  • The categories "Partially bilingual songs" and "Bilingual songs" have been consolidated into one single "Bilingual songs" category. If a song has a significant portion of lyrics in more than one language, please add the "Bilingual songs" category to that song page.

March 11

  • The "<Language> duet songs" category has been removed from all relevant song pages. To find songs that are duets in a certain language, search the categories "<Language> songs" and "Duet songs" in the CatNav.
  • The Songs in need of English translation category has been added to all relevant song pages.
  • The {{Date}} template has now been added to all song pages.

March 10

  • Preload templates have now been reordered so song page preloads are at the top of the list.
  • All songs in the "<Language> group rendition songs" category have now been consolidated into the "Group rendition songs" category.
  • The CatNav is now available on this wiki.
  • With the shift to the UCP, the Visual Editor has become a lot more user-friendly, though a lot of editing is best done in the Source Editor. It's generally best to start in the source editor, load any necessary preload templates and fill in infoboxes, and then switch to the Visual Editor for things like manipulating tables and adding categories.

Wiki Announcements

  • Ongoing tasks for the wiki include:
    • Recruiting more frequent editors—join us!
    • Removing the Work in Progress template on complete articles
    • Adding English translations in accordance with our translation policy (currently that of the Vocaloid Lyrics Wiki)
    • Editing all relevant policy pages to reflect any changes in policy

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Violet330.