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Kasuka Niro (幽 にろ) is an illustrator who often works together with ni-ny.


Links Title Featuring Date Roles
[nn][yt][pp] "PLASTIC ROOM" ONE and VOCALOID IA May 27, 2018 illust
[nn][yt][pp] "CHECKMATE" ONE and VOCALOID IA September 29, 2017 illust
[nn][yt][pp]【site:(d-ico 】(【id:leted) 】【comment: (deleted) 】) "EndlessLine" ONE October 5, 2017 illust
[nn][yt][pp] "Envy" ONE September 8, 2017 illust
[nn][yt][pp] "I want to fly" ONE October 13, 2017 illust
[nn][yt][pp] "refrain" ONE November 3, 2017 illust
[nn][yt][pp] "MARIA" ONE August 25, 2017 illust
[nn][yt][pp] "Run away" ONE January 27, 2018 illust
[nn][yt][pp] "MARIONETTE" ONE December 22, 2017 illust
[nn][yt][pp] "school" ONE September 15, 2017 illust
[nn][yt][pp] "紡ぎ歌" ONE October 19, 2017 illust
[nn][yt][pp] "CREMATION" ONE March 30, 2018 illust
[nn][yt][pp] "Awake" ONE September 22, 2017 illust
[nn][yt][pp] "DarkFantasy" ONE October 27, 2017 illust
[nn][yt][pp] "Anemone" ONE November 17, 2017 illust
[nn][yt][pp] "Piece" ONE and VOCALOID IA January 3, 2018 illust
[nn][yt][pp] "Extinction" ONE and VOCALOID IA November 10, 2017 illust
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