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Image of "Lie of Life"
Song title
  • "Lie of Life"
Published October 31, 2019, with 790+ YouTube views 10+ SoundCloud views
  • IA English


In moments of despair, hope is your younger self, asking you about what went wrong in life.
—Author's comment
"Lie of Life" is a song featuring IA English by Aryuna. This song is part of the Vocaloid Halloween Collaboration Project, hosted by Party-P.


J'ouvre les yeux et entrevois un sombre ciel gris.
I open my eyes and see a dark, gray sky.

Le vent balaie au loin les larmes de mon coeur meurtri.
The wind caresses my tears away from my heart.

Every day, every morning,
Can't say to myself that I'm living.
Every night's so silent,
Like a dream so bright and vagrant.

Though nothing by my side,
Left behind in this fading light
For this fragile time to end.
But why do I feel so broken?

Please hold my hand; let's dance tonight 'til the light of morning.
How foolish of me to believe in fairy tales and happy endings.
Please don't give me hope; everything and everything just hurts so badly.
How foolish of me to believe that hope would really come and save me.

Ô Vie ce qui était promis...
O Life, that promise...

...Etait-ce empli de justesse?
...Was is even real?

Before the nightfall,
my heart didn't give up at all.
You promised me a dream:
A tomorrow, as it may seem.

I kept believing in
That dream; a beautiful sin. (Doux et chaleureux.)
Brave and strong, I was then.
But it was all a dead end. (Insensé, fútile.)

Please don't tell me those beautiful words that are nothing but lies.
How foolish of me to believe that someone will listen to my cry.
Please just let me go; this is my punishment for believing you.
How foolish of me to believe that someone like me...

How foolish of me to believe that someone like me can be happy too.

La vie est un rêve sans fin
Life is an endless dream

Y compris sans moi.
Even without me.

Donc je t'en prie laisse-moi
So please just let go

Ton espoir ne peut me sauver enfin.
For your hope can't save me anymore.

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This song was featured in the following albums:

  • Lie of Life (single)

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