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  • "Melodies of the Heart"
Published August 2, 2018, with 510+ YouTube views 880+ Niconico views 2,800+ SoundCloud views
  • IA English


"Melodies of the Heart" is a song featuring IA English by TenshiAkari12. According to the author's comment the song is a reupload with better mixing.


Feelings that you have hidden
You try and try to hold them in
But the world is swirling all around you in fervent craze
And holding back emotions came to an end

The chance to open up will bring
A whole new world where you can sing
To unleash all the worries that confine you and push away your fears
The time is right, just let it be reality

So let the voice of your being resound with all your might!
Don't let yourself be unheard, just have your way and take the time to say
The words that may invoke the feeling
To open up your life
And birth a brand new song that leads you to the light

Let your spirit sing!

The melodies that lay within your heart
Sing your songs forever
Oh yeah!
Just listen to the rhythms they impart
Echoing of raw emotions from your soul

Now keep on living full and free
And break away uncertainty
Because the strength that you've been blessed to carry is a very special treasure
Don't be afraid of what you have internally

So let the voice of your being resound with all your might!
Don't let this chance that you have just slip away
To show the world that ray of your passion
That's burning inside
Allow the words to take vibrant form, 'cause it's alright to

Let your spirit sing!

Now don't you keep trying to hold them in
'Cause it's something nobody hasn't been feeling at some point
You're never alone through joy and suffering
Whether it's about the happy things
Or fighting pain that the world may bring
All those emotions are key
So freely sing your melody


The melodies that lay within your heart
Will bring true salvation
Oh yeah!
They'll open up your world to a new start
That you never knew you had in you


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