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  • "Spider on the Wall"
Published October 16, 2018, with 715,000+ YouTube views 1,600+ Niconico views 70,000+ SoundCloud views
  • IA English
  • GHOST (music, lyrics, illust)


i value my privacy and i also don't like spiders thank you very much
—Author's comment

"Spider on the Wall" is a song featuring IA English by GHOST. It is their first original with a CeVIO voicebank and was made for Halloween.


In through the vents
Making not a sound
With presence
Spider on the wall

Found on March 15th
This isn’t me

Left out boundaries
This isn’t me

Play pretending should it be so
Lock the diary so you don’t know
I’ve been watching you

Found in broken shards
Those swollen hearts
I’ve played a part

Invalid boundaries
Keep singing
Means not a thing

Can’t be bothered letting go
A shrine of excess vulture bones
So burn the house down now that you know
I’ve been watching you

Bottles broken after
Every time our eyes meet
“Dedicated life”
Oh I pray you’ll never see me

Please don’t think of me
Forever in the wrong way
Pictures of your face
From the era of the recall
Hanging on the wall

Pictures of your face
Oh I pray you’ll never see me

Spider on the wall

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