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Image of "The Silk Spinners Song"
Song title
  • "The Silk Spinners Song"
Published October 31, 2019, with 100+ YouTube views 160+ SoundCloud views
  • IA English
  • Jade Kaiba (music, lyrics)
  • Elenia (illust)
  • dzktd (PV)


This song is sung from the perspective of a misunderstood spider, who only wanted shelter from the cold...
—Author's comment
"The Silk Spinners Song" is a song featuring IA English by Jade Kaiba. This song is part of the Vocaloid Halloween Collaboration Project, hosted by Party-P.


One night when the rain fell like forgotten tears
I slipped through a crack in the wall
I sensed there was movement and froze in my place
I dared not make a sound at all

My eyesight was poor but I made out a shape
A shadow lurking in the gloom
Curious creature with only two eyes
I wonder if you see me too

Now I've made myself at home above your door
You pass and you pay me no mind
I feel the vibration of voices below
And wonder if they are as kind

I hope you don't mind if I stay here a while
The weather is dreadful outside
I promise to watch over you while you sleep
And take care of any stray flies

But one day I felt a disturbance
A claw came and tore up my home
I fell to the floor bruised and broken
And feared that I'd left you alone

Still there is some hope for my memory
My legacy hangs by the door
My children will rise to replace me
While I'll stalk the ceiling no more

No more...

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